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I am gay. Haven't told my parents i am gay, just a friend. I dont own the pictures on my tumblr, i found them on the internet. You can also send me some pics at: gaykisseruniverse@gmail.com.
Kik: gaykisseruniverse
Hope you enjoy my Tumblr.

Anonymous said: Do you want to adopt a boy or girl when your grown up ... Or do you not want to adopt?

I want 2 boys :)

sitting-in-the-closet said: Hi there :) I'm looking for people who are willing to share stories about the struggle they have going on in their lives because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It's for a book I'm creating. Any chance you could give me a shout out to let the lgbt community know I'm looking for people who are willing to share? All information can be found on my tumblr page. Thank you :)

Well, it seems like a fun project.
I “accidentally” answered this publicly ;)
If you guys want to share your stories or something like that, you can go to this persons tumblr page ;)
I would love to read the end result, so send me a copy of that’s possible :)

Anonymous said: and what would you want to tell your parents when you come out?

I have no idea …