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I am gay. Haven't told my parents i am gay, just a friend. I dont own the pictures on my tumblr, i found them on the internet. You can also send me some pics at: gaykisseruniverse@gmail.com.
Kik: gaykisseruniverse
Hope you enjoy my Tumblr.

Anonymous said: How much do you like Germany and the Germans?

Idk, it’s a very nice country, I went there a few times. Very beautiful, I’m not so great at speaking German but I’ll get better at it soon ;) And they have a very nice soccer team. :)

Anonymous said: are your parents against homosexuals? Being gay is not wrong for being a lLGBTQ teen it made my mom love even more. she never disowned me in anyway just be brave enough to tell them

No, they aren’t homophobic so that’s great :)

Anonymous said: Thank you! Would you ever post a picture? I really want to see your face;)

There is a chance ;)