ß Gaykisseruniverse

I am gay, I live in Belgium. Haven't told my parents i am gay, just a friend. I dont own the pictures on my tumblr, i found them on the internet. You can also send me some pics at: gaykisseruniverse@gmail.com.
Kik: gaykisseruniverse
Hope you enjoy my Tumblr.

Anonymous said: our ages are so close :) if I lived in Belgium I would be all over you in no time ;) you are honestly a beautiful human being

Haha, thanks man ;)

Anonymous said: where can we get pics of you?

Here’s the link to my one pic of my face that I posted ;)


Anonymous said: how old are you? you are so fucking hot

Thanks ;) and I’m 16

Anonymous said: I need a boyfriend!!!:(

Sorry, can’t help you with that, unless you live in Belgium ;)

Anonymous said: I will take you to the color run next time :) but if you like things like that, antwerp has an electric run in october ;)

Yeah but the electric run is a bit to expensive ;)