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I am gay, I live in Belgium. Haven't told my parents i am gay, just a friend. I dont own the pictures on my tumblr, i found them on the internet. You can also send me some pics at: gaykisseruniverse@gmail.com.
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Hope you enjoy my Tumblr.

Anonymous said: I'm in a complicated situation, specifically with my dad. I'm a trans man but my dad has shoved me so far back into the closet and I'm scared if I persist on being who I am he'll kick me out. He seems to have no problem with me having a girlfriend (he still sees me as a girl) and it doesn't help how homophobic he is towards non-straight men. I think it's really great though that you're sure your parents are gonna be fine though when you do come out though!

Keep hanging in there man, it’ll get better eventually

Anonymous said: Uit de kast komen via een brief ... goed idee of niet? Mijn ouders zijn niet echt homofobisch, maar zijn ook niet compleet "pro"-gays. Ik wil met een brief gwn kunnen zeggen dat ik homo ben + ik wil de strijd die ik met mezelf heb gehad tot acceptatie kunnen vertellen. Btw: stoer dat ge op zo'n jonge leeftijd uit de kast wilt komen!

Short translation: “is it a good idea to come out via a letter?”.

It can be a great thing to come out via a letter. Just make sure your letter is personal enough ;)

Anonymous said: hey u are great guy can we be frindse?

Sure, let’s be friends ;)

Anonymous said: How can you deal with a strength guy when you fall for him? and you truly know he won't look at you in the same way you look at him?

I have absolutely no idea, he might be gay ;)

Anonymous said: I have come so close to telling my friends I am gay so many times but I have two reasons I never have 1. I am afraid they will look at me differently, I know they would accept me but I just want to be the same person to them and 2. I have pretended to be straight so long it's like breaking a nasty habit

If they are real friends they accept you for who you are, but they might need some time to understand it. After you tell them it might be a bit weird but everything should go back to normal pretty soon ;)

Anonymous said: do you think your parents won't be accepting and if so what gave you signs that they might feel that way?

I know that my parents are gonna except me, they’re great people. But I just can’t tell them yet ;)

Anonymous said: You are very brave. If I were gay, I would be terribly afraid. :)

You should be ;)

Anonymous said: If you are "bottom", are you afraid? It can hurt first time.

Nah, I’m a pretty tough person ;)

Anonymous said: (2/2) I had never really thought about that before she told me. I never thought that it could hurt the people who love me if I didn't share something so important with them. So yeah, I don't want to tell you what to do. After all I waited three years and in the end everything is fine anyway, but I just wanted to tell you this so you can think about it when making the decision if you want to come out or not.

You are totally right, I can hurt people by not telling them. I’m planning on coming out real soon, maybe even tomorrow ;)